Hello, my name is Bruno Got from Grenoble, France.
I'm kind of CG animation and 3D Modeling since I have 14 and I started to create short CG film with Blender. Then I discover progressively motion design and VJing when I start to create funny CG video loops with Blender and mixed them with Arkaos and Resolume software.

I did 3 years of Cumputer Science with my final internship at Resolume B.V in Netherland. During this internship I learn how to code cumputer vision application and FFGL plugins for Resolume.

Resolume : https://resolume.com/

I did a year 4 of Cumputer Science at the Puy-en-velay (France). during this year I learn how to code 3D programs, video games, virtual reality, Graphics programation(shaders), and I did my internship at Théoriz Studio(Lyon, France), the studio is coding some application to run Kinect, 3D environement and resolume to do interactive video mapping and visuals.

Theoriz : http://www.theoriz.com/

Now I'm actually developing VFXArtShop, a website offering free and premium video plugins. You can go to this webshop to see my current work as shader developper. All premium plugins is comming from my own work but some free plugins comming from other famous shaders developper and are under CC licence shareAlike

VFXArtShop : http://www.vfxartshop.com/

One this website you will find all informations about my differents projects in 3D animation an 3D development.

Thanks for your attention